Evening Bat Walk on 7th September

BatA good group of people joined the Sopwell Residents Association and the Countryside Management Service on Friday, 7th September at 7.15pm at the Nunnery Open Space for an informative evening walk to hear all about our batty neighbours.

With plenty of water around and some old trees, the Nunnery Open Space provides a good environment for bats.

Bat walk (Sep12)

The walk was free but spaces were limited to 25 because of the number of bat detectors available. People had to book beforehand on the CMS website and all places were taken!

Jennifer Taylor went on the walk and tells the story:-

"On a beautifully clear Friday evening in early September, some 30 people (mostly SRA members), including about 10 youngsters, met up at the Sopwell Nunnery Green Space to see and hear some bat activity and learn something about them.

The event was led by Isabel Crozier of Countryside Management and she introduced Roger, who is an extremely knowledgeable bat enthusiast.  We assembled by the ruins and Roger gave a fascinating talk about their habitat and behavior and dispelled all the bat myths; he even had two injured Pipistrelle bats with him which he showed to the enthralled audience. 

Before it grew really dark we had been able to see the bats swooping through the air on the hunt for their food - moths and midges mostly - which were extremely plentiful that evening as all the participants were swatting insects away from unprotected faces. 

We were given bat sensors to share and proceeded to walk from the nunnery green space, following the river, to the wildlife garden at the watercress beds.  Although we could no longer see the bats, we could hear their high pitched squeaks via the sensors and Roger was able to tell us whether we were picking up Soprano Pipistrelle or Noctule bats, each recognisable by their different sounds."

If you couldn't make it, the good news is that CMS do many more walks and events througout the year, some requiring pre-booking others not. It's worth keeping an eye on the Walks and Events section of the CMS website .